Spinner 360 App: mistakes and solutions


1. Licence key not found

2. Videos render longer than usual

3. Platform doesn't spin

4. Platform starts spinning but stops without a command

5. Too many grains on video.

6. Mistake " Windows cannot find..."

7. Camera is connected in Windows connections but not connected in a Spinner program.

8. Camera is disconnecting

9. Program freeze

10. Remote doesn't work

11. How to set manual timing for each part of the video?

12. Mistake "The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found"

1. "Licence key not found".

Check that you have followed activation instructions from the email.

If you have already activated it or use demo version, than your antivirus blocks the licence key. Please add folder in exceptions and estore file from quarantine.

You can also reinstall driver of key C:\DzenTech\Spinner360-VFX\Drivers\HASP Driver\Install_License_Driver.exe

2. Videos render longer than usual

Connect laptop to the socket. Everything will be fine after that.

Check that Windows is not downloading updates at this moment. We recommend to check them before the event.

3. Platform doesn't spin.

Mistake: COM not found

Please check that all wires are connected(1 to the socket and 1 to the laptop) and socket is turned on. Check COM port in a spinner program. You can press show available ports.

If you can't see the platform in connected devices, then please install usb drivers.

Mistake: Check power connection

Plug in the platform to the socket and check that the socket it turned on.

4. Platform starts spinning but stops without a command

If you use it with the rign light, then maybe it's too much weight on the stick. You can change the angle of stick for it could be not so close to the ground. Also you can take off the ring light and check if it works without it. Remember that the speed with the ring light shouldn't be more than 50%.

5. Too many grains on video.

It happens when there is no light on the video or there are too many dark places in the room.

You can customize it by choosing maximum ISO not more than 800.

Also check that in spinner program in render settings are medium or higher(customization folder).

6. Mistake " Windows cannot find..."

Please try to make render some old video by test button(in customization).

1. If it works fine, then you need to format SD card of GoPro.

2. Check that you don't see the mistake "Short audio" and don't have effect with 0 seconds duration

(If you have, then change the duration of the final video or change the music).

3. If it still doesn't work, then press Render button and choose CPU in both fields. Press ok to save.

7. Camera is connected in Windows connections but not connected in a Spinner program.

1. Check that name and password of camera are texted correctly( GoPro button). Big and small letters matter.

2. Try to disconnect the wire from power bank to GoPro and return it back.

3. If Spinner program still doesn't see the camera, then reset internet connection in GoPro. Don't forget to text a new password in Spinner program.

4. If it also didn't work, then choose 2,4 Ghz in GoPro settings.

8. Camera is disconnecting

Most of the questions are related to the correct operation of the GoPro.

Please read this article about GoPro connection https://www.dzentech.store/post/connection-of-go-pro Let's check. Your GoPro:

- updated to the last version(such as wi-fi drivers of your laptop)

- doesn't have it's own battery

- charges from power bank

- has good wire between GoPro and power bank(can be checked by wire in GoPro set)

- you have SD card in it

If it's all true, then checking additional information:

1. If camera if far from the laptop( 4 and more meters) or there is a wall between, then we recommend you to use wi-fi adapter for GoPro.

2. If there are a lot of people around, then it's better to use 2,4 Ghz( it takes more time to download videos but it's more stable). Wi-fi adapter for GoPro, that it near your platform and connected by wire to the laptop also may save you some nerves.

9. Program freeze

We recommend to use the last version of Spinner Dzen Tech program. If you use the last version, then don't forget to close all other versions at the same laptop and add folder with a program in your antivirus exceptions.

In this case it will work properly.

Click here to get latest version

10. Remote doesn't work

Please check that platform in connected to the laptop and spinner program is turned in. If the stick spins from the program but don't spin from a remote check following:

- usb of the remote is in a laptop

- batteries are inside of a remote

- remote is turned on

- hotkey are turned on (platform, camera buttons)

If you checked it all, but remote doesn't work, then try to change batteries and usb port of the laptop.

11. How to set manual timing for each part of the video?

You need to turn on manual mode in customization( left bottom corner).After that you'll be able to set duration of each part of the video.

12. Mistake "The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found"

Please install drivers from Microsoft site. Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015

You'll need both versions (x64 and x86).

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