Transfer of Spinner 360 licence

You can make it by yourself it 2 minutes. You will need 2 laptops: one with licence and one where you want to transfer. On both laptops should be installed spinner 360 program.

Laptop 1 - laptop with licence.

Laptop 2 - where you need to transfer the licence.

1. Install Spinner software on both laptops. You can download it from this folder . Run License Transfer Manager (it's located in c/dzentech/spinner)

2. Press collect and save information on Laptop 2(which doesn't have a licence!!!). Send this file to laptop 1(by email or any other way).

3. Choose on a laptop 1 what licence you want to transfer.

4. In Laptop 1 add file from Laptop 2 that we created( in "read the recipient").

On laptop 1 choose where to save licence.(generate the licence).

After that press Generate.

Send this file to the laptop 2(by email or any other way)

5. On Laptop 2 in Apply licence file choose the file with licence(that we've created during the previous step).

6.If you see "update written successfully", then everything is fine and licence is transferred.


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